Welcome to our community website. Important alerts and information about our community are posted here.

M.E. Gene Peles 792-0510 genep@hmcmgt.com Backup Lisa Bortle 203-5233 <lisab@hmcmgt.com> Covenants – Brian Lee-Gustilo 792-0511 <brianl@hmcmgt.com>

Abandoned Vehicles – go to this web site to report an abandon car http://www11.honolulu.gov/csdavcomplaints/

Street lights not working – call 808-961-8341 or visit this web site https://www.dpw.hawaiicounty.gov/divisions/traffic/request-street-light-maintenance-repair

Broken Sprinklers – Call RJP Landscaping & Services Inc. at 808-291-8936. ‘REMIGIO PIANO’ <rjplandscaping@yahoo.com>

Stray Animals – Hawaiian Humane Society 808-356-2200